Whatever your cleanout needs, we have the experience to get the job done. We offer a variety of cleanout and removal services for both residential and commercial spaces, and with our salvage and resale process, you can be proud to support both a local business and the environment.

My efficient and professional team can handle anything from single-item pickups to estate cleanouts and everything in between, including furniture and appliance pickups, basement and garage cleanouts, storage spaces, bulk trash removal, and renovation debris removal. For an idea of what we can and can't haul, click here.



Demolition is one of the core strengths of our business. We have expanded to include most residential and commercial demolition and deconstruction needs including debris removal, digging out basements and lots of all sizes, prepare for the installation of new water and sewer services, and backfill.

Whether it is a small shed or the largest lot on the block, Thunderbird will take care of the project start to finish in a timely and efficient manner, making us one of Philadelphia's preferred demolition experts!



Thunderbird's movers are direct descendants of the greater Philadelphia moving family - we have years of experience coming from larger companies such as Mambo Movers, Old City Movers, and Broad Street Movers. As is the tradition amongst the moving companies in Philly, we have consolidated talent and experience into a new company for a more personal option to the growing population and moving needs in our city. And like the rest of the industry in this city, our guys are all part of the Philadelphia creative community - artists, musicians, photographers, and the like - and are working with pride to serve you as well as support their individual crafts.

There is no job too small or too large, and no distance too short or too far for our movers. We do everything from residential, to commercial, to studio moves. Around the block is just as possible as across the country. As long as a truck can drive there, we will move you, and if not, we'll help find a solution.



My team offers a strong background in a variety of areas of construction, rounded out by our strong roots in the demolition industry. Our broad base of experience gives us a deeper grasp of what it will take to complete the entire project safely and on schedule.

With our strong leadership and team-building, knowledgeable workforce, and determination to expand our scope into whatever your job entails, Thunderbird has earned our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy service provider.



Second-hand is the only ethical consumption that late capitalism allows. And as part of this commitment, we are proud to offer a variety of reclaimed architectural and interior elements. Not only do they look phenomenal, but buying salvaged materials also helps the environment by keeping these unique and usable materials from ending up in landfills.

Our warehouse holds a wide selection and is constantly updated with new stock that offers both style and sustainability. Come in today to find vintage hardware, fixtures, glass and mirrors, antique wooden doors and windows, even tile. Online inventory and purchase will be available soon!