"What is your Return Policy?"

ALL purchases are FINAL SALE and sold AS IS, please take this into consideration before making your purchase online, in store, or through Instagram. We have measuring tapes available in all stores so we can help measure any item before purchasing (we will provide measurements on all Instagram posts) to ensure that your item will fit in a vehicle, through your door, up the stairs, and wherever you want it to go!

After you purchase an item, we will hold it for you for up to 48 hours in store, or will be shipped within the same time period on weekdays after the purchase has been made, however we do not hold un-purchased items. If you do not pick up your items within that time frame you will be issued a store credit, and the item will return to the sales floor.

"How do I purchase something from your Instagram?"

Every post on our Instagram has a location tag and phone number. Call the number on the post and pay over the phone with your credit card. Easy! We mark all items with SOLD in the comments once they sell. Please remember to read the descriptions and double-check all measurements because once it leaves with you, it can not be returned! Don't hesitate to ask us as many questions as you need before your purchase. If you decide you do not want the item you purchased from Instagram, we will issue you store credit, not a refund. Instagram sales are PURCHASES, not HOLDS, so please consider that before you buy. AND REMEMBER, everything you see on the Instagram spends time on our sales floor before we post it!

"How long do I have to pick up an item that I bought?"

We hold all items for up to 48 hours. Items not picked up will be re-sold and you would be issued a store credit.

"I want to buy something online but I can pick it up myself. Do I still need to pay for shipping?"

You can absolutely pick up locally from us! Just be sure to mention that you will be picking it up so we can schedule you. All pickups can be made at our warehouse location at 1431 N. 9th Street right here in North Philadelphia.

"Can I sell to Thunderbird? What about donations?"

We do NOT 

  • Buy from our customers

  • Buy from the public

  • Offer consignment

  • Accept donations

"Do you deliver?"

We do! Our trusty delivery team can deliver anywhere in greater Philadelphia. We charge a minimum of $75 for any single item, and go from there!